Frequently asked questions

order questions

When will I receive my order?

We try our best to ship out within 2 business days. The most economical shipping method is FedEx 2 day. If you need an order sooner, please contact us to rush it (at an additional charge.)

Do you ship outside the United States?

Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Do you sell in bulk or wholesale?

Yes! Our retail packs are available by the case for your retail store or you can buy the seeds in bulk for your own repacking or commercial growing. A full bag is approximately 50 lbs. Please contact us for a quote.

I don't have time to sprout or they just don't come out the same as Fullei Fresh's. Where can I buy fresh sprouts?

Our fresh sprouts are sold primarily in Florida at Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, and independent retailers. If your local store doesn't have ours, ask the produce manager for our brand. We work with all the major produce distributors and can get them to you. Check out a list of retailers and wholesale distributors here: www.fulleifresh.com/where-to-buy

sprouting questions

How do I eat sprouts?

Bean and soy sprouts can be eaten raw or cooked. Green sprouts (with the exception of wheatgrass) can be eaten raw in salads or sandwiches or added to cooked foods. Wheatgrass is usually put in a juicer and drunk as 1 ounce shots. It is strong and not advisable to drink more than 1 a day. Please visit our recipes page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @fulleifresh for more recipes and tips.

How do I store sprouts?

Once full grown, sprouts should be refrigerated ideally between 36 and 40 degrees. If too hot, they will decay. If too cold, they will ice up and freeze. Wheatgrass can be left out at room temperature, but it will shorten its shelf life. There is no need to water them after they're full grown.

How do I know if sprouts are old?

Sprouts are free of preservatives, pesticides or additives so shelf life is varied depending on temperature, moisture and air flow. Typically, they are old when brown and / or slimy. Discard if they become mushy and soggy or have a strong foul odor (broccoli naturally has a strong smell.) For the Crunchy Mix and Mung Beans, they are old if the tails growing out of the beans become very long or brown.

Why don't my home grown sprouts look like Fullei Fresh's?

There are many different reasons why. Most have to do with growing conditions. Even though sprouts are grown indoors, there are many variables which affect appearance and taste, such as water quality, water temperature, room temperature, humidity, air flow, and lighting. Read our Sprouting Instructions page as well as our social media posts @fulleifresh for more tips. We hope you don't give up on sprouting, but if you would prefer to buy them already sprouted, you can purchase our fresh sprouts at retailers (primarily in Florida,) such as Whole Foods, The Fresh Market and independent grocers. If your local store does not carry our sprouts, please ask the produce manager for our brand. We work with all the major produce distributors and can get them to you. A list of our customers can be found here: www.fulleifresh.com/where-to-buy

Do I need to wash / sanitize my seeds?

Our seeds come from reputable suppliers who have them lab certified to be free of pathogens. HOWEVER, you may wish to further sanitze them with a few drops of bleach mixed in water. See our sprouting instructions page.

My sprouts are full grown and pale. How do I make them greener?

Color has to do with exposure to light and photosynthesis. They are edible with yellow or green leaves. To make them more green, either place them near sunlight or turn on lights. Regular household lights are fine. Keep in mind that flavor may be affected; the more green they are, the more bitter.