Welcome to Sprouting at Home by Fullei Fresh!

We are proud to launch This is Fullei Fresh's ecommerce site dedicated to growing sprouts at home.

We have been growing fresh sprouts for 3 generations dating back to 1938. In 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic we introduced our line of sprouting seeds to help individuals have access to fresh sprouts more easily without having to go to a store (or go less often.) There is no reason why you can't have fresh, nutrient dense vegetables!

Growing your own food in a matter of days is so much fun! Plus, what an educational experience for kids!

We encourage you to interact with our community and share your sprouting progress on Instagram #befulleiathome

On this website not only can you order seeds and sprouting accessories and books, but also find recipes and tips. Get sprouting and enjoy eating them too!


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