sprouting instructions


Supplies needed to begin: 

       - Wide mouth mason jar

       - Sprouting lid (or cheese cloth and rubber band)

       - Seeds

       - Bleach (optional)

Sprouting Instructions from our Master Farmer, Manny:

1. Fill the mason jar with clean water to 400 ML level

2. Add 6 drops of bleach to the water (optional) 

3. Pour 1 tbsp of seeds into the mason jar with clean water.

4. Soak the seeds for 15 min. and stir occasionally

5. After 15 min. pour out the water and refill with clean water. Repeat 2 more times. This should have removed the bleach. If you want to be extra sure, use a total chlorine test strip. Dip the test strip in the water for 2 seconds and match the color to the guide. The level of your mason jar water should be the same as tap water (around 3 or less.) 

6. Soak the seeds in water (typically 2 hours. Broccoli may take up to 4 hours. Beans may even take 8 hours.)

7. Screw on the sprouting lid or cheese cloth and rubber band. Pour out the water and rinse the seeds with clean water. Be sure to drain out as much water as possible.

8. Seeds are now ready for growing. Make sure that the seeds are on the wall or base of the jar and not on the lid. Keep the jar at about 45 degrees angled with the lid facing down. Place the jar on a tray to catch excess water dripping out.

9. Rinse the seeds 2 times every 8 hours with clean water (cool water preferred.)

10. Sprouts like alfalfa and broccoli are ready at 96 to 104 hours (approximately 4 days.) Beans like mung or our Crunchy Mix are ready in 36 hours.

11. Give the sprouts one last rinse with cool clean water. Drain as much water out as possible. Excess water will cause them to decay. Refrigerate if not consuming them right away.

Growing sprouts indoors at home simply requires good light, air flow, and a clean water source.

Enjoy a Fresh, Healthy and Educational experience!

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